The Portal Lounge     1808 Route 37 East     Toms River, NJ     732-929-0602
​Open Monday-Thursday 11am-12pm       Friday-Sunday 10am-2am
:Monthly Memberships:
Monthly members pay $40 a month for various perks in the Portal Lounge.
-UNLIMITED PLAY TIME ANYTIME!!! A member can come in whenever we're open (7 days of week - 12pm to 2am) and game to their hearts content.

: Annual Members:
​​Annual Members pay $30 a month but gain even more perks and bonuses than the Monthly Membership!
-Just like the normal Membership all Annual Members gain unlimited game time anytime!
-Annual Members can bring any friend in to share in the unlimited gaming experience for just $10 for the day.
-Need fuel to keep your gaming experience going?  Annual Members gain the perk that for every 4 drinks or snacks they buy they get their 5th one free.
-Annual Members (and their teams) also gain priority roster for any Tournament they enter.

​ The Portal Lounge is also doing a recruitment drive and offering big rewards the more people you get to sign up!!! If you are a current Member and get ten friends to also sign up for a membership you will receive ONE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP FREE! If you get twenty friends to sign up for a Memberships you'll get ONE YEAR FREE!!! Additional programs will be introduced soon.